Eastside Seattle Taxi

CarGozz is a unique service for residents of Seattle and the Eastside. If you find yourself unable to drive, we’ll pick you up, and take you home, IN YOUR OWN CAR.

CarGozz Services & Pricing

Personal Transportation in Bellevue and Seattle, WA

About Our Services

Call CarGozz and we will send out a personal chauffeur. We then drive you, any passengers you may have, safely home in your own vehicle.

At this time we accommodate clientele needing to be picked up and dropped off in the cities of Seattle, Bellevue, Kirkland, Redmond, Bothell, Mercer Island and New Castle.

Now serving Seattle and the
East Side

CarGozz Service Area
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Pick-Up Per Mile Minimum
$20 $3.00 $30


If you use CarGozz at least twice a month, there is a strong value in membership!

Our service is more affordable than a round trip cab ride, with the convenience of having your car, while not troubling a friend or family member. The alternative could be much worse.

CarGozz utilizes chase cars to drop off and pickup our drivers. We do this for safety and time efficiency.

Special Services

CarGozz also offers services for special events. For those who are sponsoring, entertaining and organizing events that could use CarGozz services we can offer various options for service. Please contact us for further information.

We also offer a Standby Service. This option allows CarGozz to provide personal assistants at your premises or business for immediate and exclusive service.